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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The frustration of technology

The post preceding this one I called a 'Christmas Carol.'
To me, the truth of the origin of the carol was fascinating, and I figured it would also be that for others.

What should have taken me no longer than five minutes to copy and paste ran into almost an hour because of the idioticies of the computer world. Now, I know there's got to be security, but when does security become insane?

Okay, okay, I know you're not following this, so let me explain.

When I got to my blog spot, I have to sign in with e-mail and password. Now, all my life, I've used the same password, a six-character combination of characters that nobody (I don't think) could come figure out. I can't figure them out, and I know them.

But anyway, my problem starts with almost every site requiring certain elements in the password. Some go with six characters, some more, some want numerals in them--you know. You've run into it.

When I run across a site calling for more than six characters, I simple double or triple up on the last one.

That would work if I could remember them.

Anyway, I went online, put in my e-mail and password. It was kicked back.

Impossible. The site called for eight characters. I put them in. Eight of those little suckers. I tried again. Naturally, no luck. I groaned in misery. Now, I was going to have to fiddle with passwords, a task to me akin to the Gordian Knot.

But, some sites before you get to change the password throw out a dizzying collection of non-sensical alphabetical characters in some sort of Hebrew or Arabic font written by a drunken sailor, and call upon you to repeat them before continuing.

I must have spent thirty minutes on that stupid exercise. Fifteen minutes into my inquisition, I considered chucking the whole idea of a blog. But, I persevered. Finally, I managed to get through and make a new password.

Now, here's the kicker. I simply used my old password, the one I put in and was kicked back. That's security? Go figure!

Anyway, finally, everything turned out all right except I wasted almost an hour, and I tell, folks, at my stage in live, I can't afford an hour.

I still don't understand the purpose of those non-sensical characters.

Oh, well. It's posted, and yes, I've jotted down the password. What do you want to bet it'll get kicked back next time?

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Steve said...

Mr. Conwell:

In the early days of "word verification" to confirm access I know that one supplier of the service launched it as a research tool. Employing actual scanned bits of crackled old newspapers and damaged vintage documents, responses became a tool for determining the most likely interpretation to be inserted into fresh transcriptions. Believe it was covered on National Public Radio at one time. I haven't seen that particular style lately, perhaps the researchers are done with their work.

steve martin