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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Headed for the Pig Pen

Since the sixties, socialism has been chipping away at the foundation of America. Now under the jackhammer of President Obama’s philosophies, socialism has torn off great chunks from that once solid foundation.

Because of my beliefs, some folks suppose I hang on to every word uttered by those extreme right-wing talk show hosts, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh.

Although our core beliefs are fairly similar, I disagree with many of their observations.

More than once, I’ve listened as each of the pundits has battered a particular incident into a mangled shape beyond recognition, beyond the truth. You know, the ‘what the heck is he talking about’ sort of thing.

While I am certainly aware that those hosts possess a tremendous degree of self-assurance in the validity of their opinions, I don’t agree with how at times they summarily dismiss visitors who disagree with them.

On the other hand, some of the call-ins are so uninformed and ignorant, they could well serve as a poster child for selective sterilization.

Like the lady who called into a Florida talk show some time back insisting the Arizona immigration law was wrong. Let’s call her Little Miss Information.

Well, Miss Information claimed there should be no borders. Everyone who wanted to come to America should be welcome. When asked how many people the country could sustain, she had no idea. When asked the current population of America, she responded, “six hundred million.” She added that incomes were too high. Greedy wealth should be spread around. Without being prompted, she stated she was on welfare, but when questioned as to where the money came from, she replied “Obama. The illegal aliens work and pass him the money they earn and he gives it out.”

Can you blame the talk show host for telling her she was a result of ‘scraping the bottom of the gene pool’? Hers is ignorance beyond belief.

I can understand his frustration. (And she, heaven forbid, is a voter! Makes me cringe that yours and my grandchildren’s future is in the hands of such ignorance.) The host’s reaction was understandable, unlike Rush Limbaugh’s castigation of the Georgetown law student.

There might be occasions where the pejorative, ‘slut’, is appropriate, but those are situations that most discreet people tend to avoid.

And naturally, the media jumped on it faster than they would a gay politician’s public sexcapade at Zuccotti Park.

Limbaugh’s remark has no defense.

What concerns me about the whole affair is that far too many folks missed the fact that to provide contraceptives for all women is simply another small step along the path to socialism. Another tiny nibble as it were.

That being said, I have no problem providing medicine for those who cannot afford it.

My wife and I are among those millions who pay for our own insurance. Through that insurance, we receive medicine at a lesser price. If we looked at it through the rose-covered glasses of naiveté, we could say we’re getting a break. But then we remember the several hundred dollars a month we pay out to our insurance companies, we know we’re not getting a break. We’re simply getting that for which we pay just like everyone else who pays his own way and doesn’t whine for a sugar teat.

One of the arguments supporting free contraceptives was that after university costs the expense of contraceptives was beyond the students’ means.

Many of those young women with their hands out are not hard-pressed for funds, but they see 46 million on food stamps and welfare and figure they might as well get their share.

At Georgetown, semester tuition is $23,000 and housing averages $6,000. That’s around $60,000 a year, not counting books.

At William and Mary, semester tuition runs around $7,000 and housing around $4,000. That’s approximately $22,000 a year. Books are another $1500.

At University of Texas, tuition averages around $5,000 for state, $11,000 for non-state. Housing goes for around $4,500. That gives us a total of $20,000 for state residents and $30,000 for none-residents annually.

Muliply that by four or five or six years.

That in anyone’s language is a big chunk of money.

Now, can you honestly, with a straight face, all politics aside, tell me that anyone who can afford at least $80-$250,000 for tuition and housing for a college degree cannot afford contraceptives?

I did a fast Google on contraceptive prices. Female condoms average about $2.00; male about .60.

Even one a day would only cost about $730 annually for females and $23 or 24 for males. More often? Hey, I’m not even going there except to observe that last I heard, Superman and Wonder Woman are pure fiction.

I’ll admit I’m looking at this through the beliefs and morality of seventy-plus years past. I can’t alter the cultural changes that have come about since then. That sure as heck doesn’t make them right as far as I’m concerned, but I do know that if this lunacy continues, the next step will be that males will ask for free contraceptives. And well they should.

Remember the old goose and gander saying.

For your information, there are three types of STDs, bacterial, viral, and parasitic. Within the three types of STDs, there are eleven different diseases, ten of which males can contract.

Why should the female gender be provided free contraception and not the male?

Let’s cut the crap. Men and women both suffer from STDs, and yes, for some folks, contraceptives would help. But ask yourself, whose choice was it to put themselves in such a situation?

If I drink too much and wreck my car, you would be outraged if you had to pay a portion of its repair. What’s the difference?

Socialism is a sneaky evil insinuating itself into a culture. Pay it no attention, and one day, you wake up and you find yourself in the middle of a fenced pig pen, side-by-side with Little Miss Information, waiting for the master to pour out your daily ration of corn.

And what’s makes it worse is that you’re happy with your life and too dumb to know the difference.

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