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Sunday, February 21, 2010

writing class-week five

I was thrilled this last week. In our short, six week writing class, we're progressing better than I ever expected. All of you know, writing is a series of small tasks, all of which must be addressed precisely in order to have a publishable manuscript.

That's how we started, from the basics, the first being 'exactly what are we specifically writing about? What goal are we shooting at.'

In these first five sessions, all seven students have come up with a concise objective for their novel. Call it a premise, a goal, whatever. But they took a snap shot of what they wanted to do and set out after it.

Naturally, we spent time on the part most writers detest, the nuts and bolts of the entire machine. We discussed pictorial nouns, strong verbs, clear antecedents, important adjectives, and scarce adverbs.

With this group, it clicked quickly.

And when we hit scenes and the transitions, they ate it up like a Thanksgiving dinner. Written work they brought in and read in class was creative, professional, and a delight.

One constant I've striven with them, and with all classes, is that they are by themselves when it comes to writing the novel, rewriting, and then the horrible marketing process that follows.

We have one week left. I hope in that time, we'll have questions answered, and they'll have information they need to find those agents and editors who can help them further their careers.

I always enjoy this little sessions. They not only freshen my experience, remind me of various techniques, but also give me the immeasurable satisfaction of knowing that perhaps some of my little contributions have aided a hopeful author reach his goal, publication.

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